About WFE

About WFE

We are the trade association of 60 publicly regulated stock, futures and options exchanges. Our market operators are responsible for the functioning of key components in the financial world.

WFE exchanges are home to about 45,000 listed companies (as of December 2012)

To be a member, exchanges must adhere to the WFE Membership Criteria. Candidates are selected following a peer review. 

Membership in WFE is considered by some governments and national associations of asset managers as a criteria for preferential investment policy and taxation for these markets.

There are 2 Associates, 15WFE Affiliates with separate professional relations, and 26 exchanges which are WFE Correspondents.


We focus on the following areas:


We promote market standards and reliable statistics.


We work with policy makers, regulators and government organizations for fair, transparent and efficient markets.


We bring together exchange experts to improve markets.


We help newer, smaller exchanges to meet WFE standards.


International Options Market Association (IOMA)

IOMA was founded as an association of options markets and clearing houses around the world. It includes most of the major exchanges trading options on equities, equity indexes, debt instruments, currencies and commodities. Since affiliating with WFE in 2002, IOMA has widened its scope to include futures and commodity trading.