2010 IOMA IOCA Annual Conference

IOMA IOCA Annual Conference 
New York, 18-21 April 2010



Monday 19 April - Day 1

08:00 – 09:00
Board of Directors meeting


Reserved for the IOMA Board of Directors
09:00 – 09:30 Opening the NASDAQ Market


  • Ravi Narain, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, NSE India, and IOMA Chairman will be joined by all delegates
  • Jorge Alegria, Chief Executive Officer, MexDer
10:00 – 10:30 IOMA / IOCA Annual Conference opening
Welcome remarks, and IOMA / IOCA update
  • Meyer S. Frucher, Vice Chairman, NASDAQ OMX
  • Jorge Alegria, Chief Executive Officer, MexDer
  • Richard DuFour, Executive Vice President, CBOE, and IOMA Treasurer
  • William Brodsky, Chairman and Chief Executive, CBOE, and WFE Chairman
10:30 – 11:45
IOCA panel 1
Risk management, OTC clearing and regulatory reform are the key topics. This first IOCA session sets the scene as to what is happening, and how this fits with what used to be considered the “normal” business developments of handling changing risk profiles, providing new services, all while managing to compete with one another. Today, what messages are being received from regulators, academics, and clients, and how are these to be interpreted?
  • Chair: Michael Walinskas, Senior Vice President, Risk Management and Membership, OCC
  • Dale Michaels, Managing Director, Credit & Risk Management, CME Group
  • Thomas Book, Member of the Executive Board, Eurex Clearing AG
  • Christopher Jones, Director, Head of Risk Management, LCH.Clearnet
  • Garry O’Connor, CEO, International Derivatives Clearing Group
11:45 – 12:30
2009 IOMA Survey Results and the Corresponding Financial Effects
Review of last year’s industry business, setting the baseline for where IOMA is now.
  • Didier Davydoff, President, IEM Finance
  • Bernardo Mariano, Analyst, ErDesk
14:00 – 15:15
Indices and product development
Exchanges plan to extend their index futures and options businesses: some are trying to tie up with exchanges in other regions to add offer to their local marketplaces, and to create global indices. What is the state of play on the geographical spread beyond “local,” and does this practice grow the market? How many new products pay off? What concerns do we have about cannibalization? 
  • Rina Shafir, Senior Vice President, Trading & Clearing Dept., Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • Jacques der Megreditchian, Chairman of the Board of Directors, RTS Exchange
  • Jae Seung Shim, Executive Director, Derivatives Market Division, Korea Exchange
15:45 – 16:45
Fast Growing Markets
What market segments and products are outpacing the rest, wherever they are in the world? What kinds of products are likely to stay on a fast growth track? These are the fastest growing parts of the exchange industry.
  • Chair: Jorge Alegria, Chief Executive Officer, MexDer
  • Scot Warren, Managing Director, Equity Index Products and Index Services, CME Group
  • Rinjai Chaiyasut, Vice President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand