International Options Market Association (IOMA)

IOMA was founded an association of options markets and clearinghouses around the world. It includes most of the major exchanges trading options on equities, equity indexes, debt instruments, currencies and commodities. Since its affiliating with WFE in 2002, IOMA has widen its scope to include futures and commodity trading.
IOMA Surveys

2011 IOMA Derivatives market Survey Report

2010 IOMA Derivatives Market Survey Report

2010 IOMA Conference & 2009 IOMA Survey Report

IOMA Derivatives Trends since 1998

2008 IOMA Survey

2007 IOMA Survey

2006 IOMA Survey

2005 IOMA Survey


Past IOMA Conferences

2013           Busan 

2012          London

2011            Mumbai

2010            New York  

2009            Frankfurt

2008            Langkawi

2007            Mexico City

2006            Lisbon

2005           Chicago

2004           Osaka

2002           Montreal

2001           Sydney

2000           Tel Aviv





  •  1983, founded in Amsterdam as the International Association of Options Exchanges and Clearing Houses
  • 1993, present name adopted
  • 2002, affiliated with WFE