NO 249 – NOVEMBER 2013

WFE Focus
New services

BME expands information on ETFs

BME has expanded the ETFs content on its corporate websites and has created a specific mini-site for this financial product. On, all the relevant information on ETFs listed on the Spanish stock exchange is available through a single point of access. The most outstanding feature is the statistical information section, which offers access to complete market analysis. To this end, such fields as daily trading rankings, aggregated and stock by stock data relating to monthly trading activity and assets under custody, and yearly market data series are provided.

BM&FBOVESPA launches new application for blackberry

On 4 November 2013, BM&FBOVESPA launched a new version of the Markets app for users of the BlackBerry smartphone, with a BB10 operating system. The new app has the same characteristics as the Exchange apps that are currently available for iPhone, Android and PlayBook. In addition, the Exchange is starting to disseminate information on ETFs on its website.

Deutsche Börse strengthens Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s trading venue

Deutsche Börse is improving trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is reorienting the trading venue and launched a new quality guarantee for trading on 1 November 2013. Investors will receive a quality guarantee when executing German, European and US blue chips, as well as ETFs. It ensures that investors can buy or sell at a price equivalent to that on the respective reference market or better. The specialists at Frankfurt Stock Exchange commit themselves to refunding the difference where deviations occur. This guarantee applies to all stocks in the German selection indices DAX, MDAX and TecDAX, to international stocks from the EURO STOXX 50 and S&P 100, and to ETFs and ETPs listed on Xetra. In addition, all structured products are traded under the Frankfurt Stock Exchange brand from 1 November 2013. Scoach Europa will be renamed Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate. As part of the extended offering, Frankfurt Stock Exchange will also renew its corporate image and introduce a new logo for the trading venue.

Dubai Financial Market introduces vendor registration program

Dubai Financial Market has introduced a new registration service for technology vendors, which regulates the provision of order management systems and on-line trading solutions to brokers. The service is aimed to further enhance excellence in information technology services provided by vendors to DFM-licensed brokerage firms, and will ultimately benefits investors.

Egyptian Exchange extends NILEX trading hours

On 7 October 2013, the Egyptian Exchange extended the trading session of its market for SMEs NILEX by 4 hours. This decision aims attracting more investors to trade on NILEX platform in accordance to the economic aggregates of its listed companies.

Irish Stock Exchange and NASDAQ OMX to give dual market access to Irish companies

The Irish Stock Exchange and NASDAQ OMX intent to bring dual ISE/US market access to Irish companies enabling them to raise capital more easily on both sides of the Atlantic. This announcement follows the decision by the Irish Government to exempt companies on the ISE Enterprise Securities Market (ESM) from stamp duty.

GreTai Securities Market to establish structure for startup companies

In order to assist enterprises of different sizes in capital raising, the GreTai Securities Market developed, in addition to GTSM’s main board and emerging stock board designed for public companies, the “Go Funding Zone (GFZ)” on 19 August 2013 and expect to start the “Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA)” before the end of 2013 to support small-sized innovative companies and pave the way for economic and industrial development.

Japan Exchange Group to re-launch 20-year JGB futures trading

The JPX Osaka Securities Exchange has decided that the starting date for trading the 20-year JGB futures will be 7 April 2014, with condition where the derivatives markets of Tokyo and Osaka are integrated on 24 March 2014.

Moscow Exchange approves new FX fixings methodology

The Moscow Exchange approved a new FX fixings methodology which will take effect on 11 November 2013. It expands the list of currency pairs for which rates are calculated. The USD/RUB is joined by EUR/RUB, EUR/USD and CNY/RUB.

Moscow Exchange to expand derivatives market platform functionality

Moscow Exchange plans to introduce changes and new services to its Derivatives Market that will allow participants to utilize collateral more efficiently. The changes mean that 100% of collateral will be in USD, versus the current requirement of 50% USD and 50% RUB. The change will simplify operations for foreign market participants and lower funding costs for Russian market participants.

NASDAQ OMX to disseminate structured products data

The NASDAQ OMX Group announced that NASDAQ OMX’s Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS) is now pricing structured notes and market-linked certificates of deposits (CD’s) in a groundbreaking initiative to provide enhanced price transparency for issuers and investors. MFQS is a pricing system that facilitates the collection and dissemination of daily price, dividends and capital distributions data for mutual funds, money market funds, unit investment trusts, annuities and structured products.

Oslo Børs to take over Nibor calculation

On 9 December 2013, Oslo Børs will take the role as the calculation agent for the Norwegian interbank offered rate (Nibor). The Millennium Exchange trading system will be used both in the context of collecting the panel banks’ Nibor contributions as well as to distribute the Nibor fixings.

Singapore Exchange to power Asia’s first electricity futures market

The Singapore Exchange is developing Asia’s first electricity futures market with a targeted launch by end-2014, subject to regulatory approval. SGX is working closely with the Energy Market Authority, the Energy Market Company and market participants to design the futures products and develop a marketplace for generators, electricity retailers, customers and other participants.

Thailand Futures Exchange launches new service for USD futures investors

The Thailand Futures Exchange has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Krung Thai Bank on a new service for USD futures holders, especially importers and exporters, and small- and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to exchange US dollars at KTB branches on the last trading day of the contract. With this service, investor will be able to fix the currency rate they want via trading USD futures and exchange US dollars.