NO 249 – NOVEMBER 2013

WFE Focus

JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange to launch new index: JPX-Nikkei Index 400

The Japan Exchange Group and Tokyo Stock Exchange, in cooperation with Nikkei, are proceeding with the joint-development of a new index. Details regarding the index have been determined as below, and the index will start to be calculated from the beginning of the next year.

JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange launches futures volatility index

On 1 November 2013, the Tokyo Stock Exchange started calculating and publishing a new index, the “JPX JGB Futures Volatility Index”, that shows the volatility of 10-year Japanese government bond futures contracts. It is calculated based on settlement price of JGB futures option contracts listed on TSE, and indicates the future volatility of 10-year JGB futures contract.

Moscow Exchange launches transportation sector index

On 11 November 2013, Moscow Exchange launched a transportation sector index. As with other sector indices, the transportation index is to be rendered in RUB and USD.

NASDAQ OMX expands NASDAQ BulletShares index family

The NASDAQ OMX Group launched eight new indexes in the NASDAQ BulletShares index family. The new NASDAQ BulletShares ladder indexes are traditional bond ladders implemented through indexes utilizing target maturity bond ETFs. They will provide the financial community a benchmark for tracking one of the most common types of fixed-income investing, bond-laddering.

NASDAQ OMX launches new indexes in Newfound index family

The NASDAQ OMX Group has introduced fourteen new indexes in the NASDAQ Newfound Index family, which features rules-based, quantitatively enabled investment strategies created by Newfound Research and tracks specific investment strategies through the use of ETFs. These indexes represent a unique investment strategy including defensive equities, target yields, risk managed income, and a dynamic market neutral strategy.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opens supersectors

On 3 November 2013, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s industrial classifications have been adjusted to those accepted by global index vendors and data disseminators, facilitating the comparison among markets. In consequence, four supersectors have been defined: high tech; finance, real and financial Instruments. TASE-listed companies will be classified according to these supersectors.