NO 247 – SEPTEMBER 2013

WFE Focus
Post trade

ASX launches ASX OTC Derivatives clearing service

On 1 July 2013, ASX launched its OTC Derivatives Clearing Service which cleared its first Australian dollar interest rate swap trade on 12 September 2013. It provides central counterparty clearing for standardized OTC-traded Australian dollar interest rate derivatives.

Clearstream launches new online customer interface

Clearstream has launched a new customer connectivity channel, ClearstreamXact that is accessible from anywhere in the world via the internet. This new connectivity solution is based upon proven, up to date portal technology. It initially offers Clearstream’s new intuitive and user-friendly, screen-based connectivity solution to customers for its collateral management services. Future investment is already planned to expand the range of this connectivity solution to other core product areas such as settlement and asset servicing.

Clearstream to launch integrated service for OTC derivative trading

Clearstream has signed a strategic partnership with Commerzbank offering their clients increased efficiency, reduced risk and seamless processing to cleared and uncleared OTC derivative transactions. The new TradeCycle service will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2013. The joint offering will provide clients with access to an integrated management solution for the OTC derivative trade lifecycle: from trading to clearing, settlement and custody, including key services such as advisory, valuation, and collateral management.

Moscow Exchange migrates equities and bonds markets to T+2

On 2 September 2013, all stocks, Russian Depositary Receipts, mutual fund units, mortgage-participation certificates and foreign ETFs started to trade on a T+2 settlement period.

Trading in all type of bonds will continue in all regimes (repo, negotiated trades, main trading mode) without a central counterparty.

Singapore Exchange and Clearstream to launch collateral management service

The Singapore Exchange and Clearstream have signed a Letter of Intent on the launch of a collateral management service which enables customers to more easily and efficiently use assets held at SGX’s securities depository, CDP, for their collateral needs. Under the agreement, SGX will use Clearstream’s collateral management infrastructure, the Global Liquidity Hub, and offer its Liquidity Hub GO service, to enable collateral to be allocated, optimized and substituted on a fully automated and real time basis.

SIX Securities Services and Clearstream to connect to T2S

SIX Securities Services, the CSD group for Switzerland, and Clearstream, Deutsche Börse’s CSD, will use SWIFT’s Value Added Network (VAN) solution to connect to T2S, the ECB’s pan-European settling system. It will also take advantage of further value-added services from SWIFT. It intends to go live on T2S connecting via the SWIFT VAN in 2015.