NO 246 – AUGUST 2013

WFE Focus
New products

CME Group to launch wheat short-dated new crop options

CME Group launched short-dated new crop options on KC hard red winter wheat futures. Pending CFTC review, these new short-dated options will be available for trading on the Chicago trading floor and CME Globex on 26 August 2013.

CME Group launches first aluminum Midwest swap futures contract

On 8 August 2013, CME Group launched the first aluminum Midwest US futures contracts. This innovative aluminum swap futures contract enables commercial market participants in North America to better manage their price risk on an average basis throughout the month.

Deutsche Börse launches ETF based on DAX ex Financials 30 index

On 22 July 2013, Deutsche Börse launched an ETF based on the DAX ex Financials 30 Index. The DAX ex Financials 30 Index is geared toward institutional investors who want to access the performance of a fixed number of leading German companies without exposure to the financials industry.

Eurex to launch options on French government bond futures

On 10 September 2013, Eurex Exchange will launch options on futures based on notional long term bonds issued by the French Republic. With increased trading volumes in futures contracts on notional long term bonds issued by the French Republic, both buy side and sell side firms have signaled demand for options on OAT futures.

Hong Kong Exchanges introduces CES 120 futures

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing started trading CES China 120 Index futures on 12 August 2013, as it continues to expand its suite of Mainland China-related products. The CES 120 was developed by China Exchanges Services Company, a joint venture of HKEx, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, to track the performance of the largest and most liquid China stocks listed in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

ICE launches new oil and freight futures contracts

On 12 August 2013, IntercontinentalExchange introduced 25 new oil and freight contracts. They will be available for trading at ICE Futures Europe and cleared at ICE Clear Europe, include 24 global crude oil, gasoline, middle distillate, fuel oil and ethanol futures and options contracts, as well as one wet freight futures contract.

Irish Stock Exchange lists green REIT

On 18 July 2013, the Irish Stock Exchange admitted to listing a green REIT. In the same time, the Exchange launched a guide to REITs for retail investors. It covers a range of areas including main features of REITs, how REITs are taxed, how to invest in REITs, what to expect as a shareholder of REITs, etc.

Singapore Exchange plans to launch new Asian index futures

The Singapore Exchange proposes to add new Asian index futures contracts to provide global customers an extensive coverage into Asia’s key markets. They will complement SGX’s current suite of futures contracts on various Asian markets, and will include the SGX MSCI Thailand Index Futures, the SGX-PSE MSCI Philippines Index Futures, and the SGX MSCI India Index Futures. SGX targets to introduce these futures contracts in the fourth quarter of 2013, subject to regulatory approval.

TAIFEX launches weekly futures

The Taiwan Futures Exchange launched weekly Mini-TAIEX futures on 31 July 2013. With the same contract specifications as monthly MTX, weekly MTX are listed each Wednesday and expire on the following Wednesday, except for the third Wednesday of each month for which it expires on the expiration week of monthly MTX.