NO 246 – AUGUST 2013

WFE Focus
SME Financing
Peter Clifford
Chief Operating Officer,

Enabling corporate financing has been a topic often repeated in Focus, and widely discussed in WFE meetings. In the August edition of Focus, Eric Forest explains the initiatives undertaken by NYSE Euronext to facilitate the access to both equity and debt financing from the capital markets for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Special attention is being paid to creating clusters of stakeholders is an essential part of building markets that have deep roots in the local economies.

The WFE is looking at initiatives in markets around the world to overcome the challenges arising from the current economic conditions. With the support of global financial institutions, the WFE plans to move beyond documenting the advances made by its members, and work with interested parties on initiatives to bring the benefits of transparent markets to areas and market sectors that have not traditionally benefitted.

A progress report on SME financing will be one of the panel discussions that are featured at the Annual Meeting in Mexico City on 29- 30 October. Other issues to be covered at the Annual Meeting include the changing face of the derivatives markets and how new regulation will change the competitive landscape and business plans of financial service companies. New rules for the equity markets will look at the impact on investing that are the results of the growing usage of dark trading venues, the trends in high frequency trading and future of financial transaction taxes.

Sustainable investing will highlight the progress made this year on a number of initiatives designed to bring illuminate the environmental, social and governance features of listed companies. An increasing number of WFE exchanges are involved in the international integrated reporting initiative and the sustainable stock exchange project.

In addition our hosts, the Mexican Stock Exchange, have ensured a line-up of key speakers on the economy in general and the development of Latin America in particular. The Annual Meeting continues to evolve from a closed meeting for the heads of market operators to a dialogue between industry leaders and regulators. Please check our website or contact the WFE office for more information about attending this event.