NO 245 – JULY 2013

WFE Focus
Post trade

Clearstream launches new global issuer hub

Clearstream launched its new global issuer hub. It consolidates all issuance services into one access point, making issuances more efficient. Through the new hub, customers have access to end-to-end issuance services and can reach investors anywhere in the world.

Clearstream launches master agreement

A new legal master agreement for triparty repo transactions has been developed by Clearstream to enable market participants to sign just one contract for multiple counterparties and speed up counterparty "marriage broking". Clearstream's new service, called Clearstream Repurchase Conditions, enables customers to be able to trade with their chosen counterparties within just a few days. It offers repo participants the possibility of effectively testing their commercial need with regard to numbers of trades and volumes with a counterparty before choosing to carry out the extra effort necessary to enter into other bilateral repurchase agreements.

Dubai Financial Market and Kuwait Stock Exchange agree on transfer of securities

Dubai Financial Market agreed on new arrangements with the Kuwait Clearing Company to promptly transfer securities between DFM and the Kuwait Stock Exchange. DFM has started to implement these arrangements enabling shareholders of Kuwaiti companies to easily transfer their shares to and from DFM.

Eurex Clearing extends lending CCP service scope

Eurex Clearing has extended the product and service scope of its Lending CCP, Europe's first CCP service for the bilateral securities lending market. Since early June 2013, blue chip equities from Belgium, France and the Netherlands are eligible for the Lending CCP service that already covers equities from Germany and Switzerland and a wide range of international fixed-income instruments and ETFs.

Eurex Clearing launches next generation risk management system

Eurex Clearing has launched its next-generation risk management system, Eurex Clearing Prisma, into production. It applies a portfolio methodology compared to traditional product-by-product based margining approaches. The new system will be rolled out for all products cleared by Eurex Clearing, and replace the current risk based margining methodology.

Hong Kong Exchanges, London Metal Exchange and Bank of China sign MoU

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, the London Metal Exchange and the Bank of China signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and the exchange of information regarding the clearing of renminbi (RMB) commodity products.

ICE Clear Europe completes clearing transition of NYSE Liffe derivatives contracts

ICE Clear Europe, a subsidiary of IntercontinentalExchange, and NYSE Liffe announced the completion of the clearing transition for the London-based derivatives market of NYSE Liffe to ICE Clear Europe.