2009 WFE Workshop on leadership and communication

2009 WFE Workshop on leadership and communication

Day 1 - Thursday 19 February

What message : Leadership and Communication
How has the financial crisis changed the way exchanges approach corporate affairs? What are the main issues for the CEO’s office? How might their main message evolve in 2009?
How is this crisis different from other bear markets. How ill exchanges deal with the image problems.
Keynote speech by Urs Rüegsegger, CEO SIX Group, SIX Swiss Exchange
  • Lorraine Chan, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing
  • Paul P. Andrews, Vice President and Managing Director, International Affairs and Services, FINRA
  • Robert Thys, Director, International Affairs, NYSE Euronext
What action - corporate communications roundtable
How has the financial crisis changed the way exchanges work in corporate communications? How do they anticipate change in 2009? What role are exchanges thinking in international affairs (example: Link up markets)
What international action or coordination is needed among exchanges? What international audiences (IOSCO, FSF) are you trying to reach? 
Are there common issues that emphasize the value of regulated exchanges? How could the WFE and cooperation among exchanges help?
  • Shunzo Kayanuma, Director, Corporate Communications, Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Pablo Malumbres, Head of Media Relations, BME Spanish Exchanges
  • Hari Kothandaraman, Head, Listing and Corporate Communications, National Stock Exchange of India
Restating the brand value of regulated exchanges
  • Robert Pattillo, Brand Management Consultant to WFE
  • Carol Kennedy, Vice President, Corporate Communications, CBOE
What media (Part 1) : off line
How do exchanges shape their message in reaction to the current mood in the media? How do exchanges deal with explaining their function to the general public? What are the most effective ways for exchanges to get their message out in the context of recent market turmoil? What information do journalists need and how is it changing?
  • Werner Vogt, Head Media Relations, SIX Swiss Exchange
  • John Wallace, Director, Corporate Communications, London Stock Exchange Group

Day 2 - Friday 20 February

What media (Part 2) : on line

An executive summary from the report on-line communications during the global financial crisis.

How exchanges should use websites to get their message out? Does your on-line identity reinforce your brand, and corporate image? How do websites regroup information from press relations?. How does on-line work complement off-line communications? What information should WFE centralize: RSS feeds, a press relations activity?
  • Joakim Lundquist, Founding Partner, Lundquist Srl
  • Sibel Yilmaz, Corporate Communications Manager, WFE
Communicating in 2009 : the regulatory agenda
Looking ahead, market regulation seems to be a hot topic and exchanges could collectively influence policy. Can we anticipate other issues as priorities? What are the right venues, the messages, and partners that exchanges want as a priority? What role should WFE play?
WFE Task Force : Building a network of expertise
How can exchanges demonstrate their distinctiveness within financial services, their indispensible functions for a market economy?
Concluding this meeting, the final discussion will review ideas raised in each session to see if there is need for immediate action that the WFE should prepare to do. The WFE proposes creating a Task Force to combine knowledge of markets with varied expertise in communications. Its goals are :
to share exchange actions with other international institutions
to recommend to the WFE Working Committee coordinated action and policy
to enable a network of communications experts to react quickly to unexpected events linked to the financial crisis
Group leaders and deadlines to be determined. 
  • Moderator : Peter Clifford, Deputy Secretary General, WFE