About WFE

The World Federation of Exchanges

The World Federation of Exchanges is the trade association for the operators of regulated financial exchanges. With 64 members from around the globe, the WFE develops and promotes standards in markets, supporting reform in the regulation of OTC derivatives markets, international cooperation and coordination among regulators. WFE exchanges are home to nearly 45,000 listed companies. WFE statistics database covers more than 350 indicators and 70 years of data from exchanges worldwide.


How to become a member?

To be a member, exchanges must adhere to the WFE Membership Criteria. Candidates are selected following a peer review. 

Membership in WFE is considered by some governments and national associations of asset managers as a criteria for preferential investment policy and taxation for these markets.

There are 2 Associates, 13 WFE Affiliates with separate professional relations, and 24 exchanges which are WFE Correspondents.